Lacrosse Becomes WBHS Club Sport

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By Briana Campbell – Terrier Times Staff – Vinton, Va. -

For the Bandits Lacrosse team the new year brings a new team, a new name and new team colors.

This season the girls and boys Bandits will become the Terriers. Gone are the old black uniforms, replaced with  orange and white because the team is now a part of William Byrd High School’s athletics program..

“I’m glad Byrd finally decided to bring lacrosse to the school,” said junior Chase Furrow. 

While it’s not exactly an official Terrier sport, it’s considered a Terrier club sport. For boys varsity coach Dean McDaniel and girls coach Dan Eberhardt, it’s just one more step towards what they’ve always wanted.

“It’s exciting. It’s giving us the exposure we want,” McDaniel said.

Many of the players are just as excited for the new season and changes that are coming to the team with it.

“I think it’s great that lacrosse is being let into our school as a club sport,” said senior T.J. Rice. “Hopefully our season will go good this year and eventually lacrosse will be a legit sport at our school.”

Although the team is only considered a club school sport, they will follow and have always followed the Virginia High School League rules and guidelines.

“We have always followed the VHSL rules, so there’s no adjustment needed,” said McDaniel.

Along the the Terrier name and WBHS colors, the team will play two games at Robert A. Patterson Stadium. These games will be played on May 12.

“It’s the first time in history we’ve been allowed to do something like this,” Eberhardt said.

The season will start in the last week of February and go through mid May. They will play approximately 14 games during their season.

Over the years the lacrosse program has grown into something bigger than anyone ever thought possible.

Eberhardt said the sport dates back to Native Americans  when  they used to play it as a combat sport.”

“It was religious to them,” Eberhardt said. “It helped them prep for battle.”

The love for the game is what has kept more and more people wanting to continue to play it and join in.

“Once you’re out there and you see a couple games, you fall in love with it,” Mcdaniel said.  “It’s very easy to say it’s a fun sport to be a part of.”

Just as its players and coaches have developed a passion for the sport its organizers have dreamed part of  being a part of WBHS.

“It had been a long term project to get into the school since 2008,” said McDaniel.

Along with the determination of the organizers, the achievement was made possible with the  support of Chrystal Worley, athletic director at WBHS,.

“I want to get the program fully into the school because more students will be willing to play with the school recognition,” said Luke Gerig, junior at WBHS.

Terriers Lacrosse is holding sign-ups online through February 5 at

Those interested can also contact Dean McDaniel at and Dan Eberhardt at for any questions.

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